s.w.a.k. {sealed with a kiss}

Make a statement with bold, classic, red lips.  There is nothing more dramatic or classic.

I am a HUGE fan of the red lip!  Dressy or casual, it is a look that I love.  You, too, can pull of this look—it is even easier than you think.

{classic beauty and forties film star, Arleen Whelan}

My favorite brands include:

L’Oreal in Drumbeat Red

Victoria’s Secret in Devil Red

Clinique in Red Drama

Sephora in Simply Red

The keys to the perfect red pout:

1.  Choose the right shade of red.  Pick a shade appropriate for your skin tone.  Fair skin girls should look for reds with blue/violet understones, while those with darker skin can pull off reds that are more orange in tint.

2.  A smooth canvas from which to start.  Lips should be very moisturized before applying the lipstick.  Darker lipsticks show any dry skin very easily.

3.  Don’t overdo it.  Be careful to follow your lips natural shape.  Red lipstick makes your lips appear larger, so going outside your lip line can look clownish.  Avoid lipliner if you can for the same reason.

4.  Keep all other makeup very simple.  I like to pair it with a rosy cheek and vanilla eyeshadow for a classic look.

5.  Make sure that your lipstick handy for reapplication.



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