bath time meditation: healing your body

Meditation and water are wedded forever.  -Herman Melville

We know that water can be very therapeutic, so take a moment with your next bath for some guided healing meditation.  I love this book Clean & Serene: Meditations for the Bath, a waterproof book full of meditations that can be done at bath time–a great stress relieving way to end the day!

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Here is an excerpted meditation from the book to try out.

Waters of Healing: A Meditation for Good Health

Try the following to create the ideal bath time atmosphere:

1.  Add one tablespoon each of lavender, thyme and rosemary to your bath water to create a relaxing infusion.  They can be contained in a thin cotton bag to steep in the water like a tea bag.

2.  Light candles in the bathroom, as flames symbolize good healing.

3.  Drink rose hip tea, rich in vitamin C to boost your immune system.

4.  Arrange small bowls of fruit in the room as their natural scent will enhance the experience and serve as an offering to nature.

Visualize:  A bright light flickering inside of you.  Think of the flame expanding within you and emenating throughout your whole body with its warmth and healing abilities.

Say aloud:  Everyday I will listen to my body and take care of myself.  I will find the strength to create my own well-being by giving myself comfort, sympathy and pleasure.

Happy healing!


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