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With UK starting next week, many bluegrass guys and gals are looking for ways to decorate their dorm room or apartment.  An easy, DIY French memo board is a great way to display notes and photos from home in a small space.  It is also a great addition to any home office.

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What you’ll need:

•a canvas or piece of foam board of your choice (this will determine the size of your memo board)
•fabric of your choosing to cover the board
•staple gun and staples
•covered-button kit or buttons of your choice

Step by Step:

1. Cut your batting and fabric so that it is big enough to cover your memo board, go up the sides and onto the back. If your using an old French memo board (great option if you already have one and just want to update the style), remove and discard the buttons and ribbons.
2. Use the staple gun to secure the batting and fabric onto the board, stretching taut as you go.
3. Turn the memo board faceup. Arrange ribbon on the board how you like it and cut it a few inches longer than the distance across the board. Wrap one end to the back, and staple in place. Stretch the ribbon taut to the opposite corner, wrap the end to the back, and staple. Repeat with the other ribbons, secruing them into the positions you’ve chosen for them.
4. Finally, place a staple at each ribbon intersection to secure the ribbon and hot glue the buttons on (hiding the staples at each ribbon intersection.)  You can also sew your buttons on if your are sewing savvy.
Voila!  An adorable memo board to display mementos from home.

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