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Bluegrass Threads is thrilled to feature the fabulous Hannah LeGris as a local style stand-out.  She is a University of Kentucky grad student working on her master’s in English.

Describe your personal style…

A mix of classic design, vintage, and menswear.

What are some style challenges that you face, and how do you deal with them?

Right now, I walk to grad school every day – a twenty minute walk each way – and then spend all day on campus (without an office space!) so now I’m trying to figure out a balance between comfortable, warm shoes and femininity.  I have a tendency to move toward menswear, but I can’t do the same look all the time. And it’s important to continue to look like yourself while being practical – so I’ve got to think of some non-boot winter options!  I also struggle with dragging a bookbag around – it always clashes with my outfits and I feel like a young child! – so I feel like I’m always going back and forth between bags. I guess it’s time to invest in something leather!    

White after Labor Day–do or don’t?

 I’m wearing white jeans right now!  It’s a Do!

 How important is hair and make-up to your personal style?

 Unfortunately, a hair and makeup routine is not extremely important to me. I feel like it would help my style if I would put some more effort into my makeup – however, big hair is pretty important to me, though it doesn’t require very much work beyond brushing/blowdrying/having some more layers cut in!   

 Which are the accessories that you never go without?

my rings – I have four family rings, two sliver with diamonds, and two gold – that I always wear (unless I’m playing sports).

 What is your must have for fall?

Tough question!  For me, the answer has been the same for an embarrassingly long time: good equestrian boots are always a must-have for fall and winter, especially low blundstone boots + rolled-up skinny-cut jeans + a fantastic pair of socks + a classic sweater.  


Thanks, Hannah!  Do you know someone who has great style?  Email us at katherine@bluegrassthreadsky.com or diana@bluegrassthreadsky.com.

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