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Have you ever wanted a piece of custom art for your home or for a gift, but you weren’t sure who to ask or thought it would cost a fortune?  Bluegrass THREADS would like to introduce you to Christie Bransom, a local artist and graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts.  She is an amazingly talented lady!  We wanted to share with you information on her custom art business, but of course, we had to ask her a few style questions, too!

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

A native of Lexington, I recently graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts, and hold a B.A. in Studio Art with an emphasis in Ceramics.

My interests and hobbies are vast, but a common thread which ties everything together is an incorporation and an appreciation for art, creativity, and beauty. I like to consider myself a “trained observer” and I love to discover and acknowledge the beauty in even the simplest of things this life has to offer.  One of the greatest gifts I can receive in this world is being able to witness the joy on someone’s face that I have been able to bless with my art.  There is no greater feeling of accomplishment and pride than that.

Describe your personal style…

I like to call my style “Comfy Chic” which essentially boils down to gym clothes and Nikes or jeans and a t-shirt with flip-flops. Even though my wardrobe is essentially plain, I always, ALWAYS have my hair and makeup done to perfection. This is where I allow my creative juices to flow and let the artist in me shine.

What does “bluegrass style” mean to you?

To me, Bluegrass Style is making the most out of what you have, whether it’s a beautiful tailored suit, or a pair of sweats. Bluegrass Style is all about confidence, demeanor, and poise. No matter what outfit you’re donning, as long as you exude those three things, very few people will even notice what you’re wearing. Regardless of whether you’re dressed to the nines, or wearing jeans and a t-shirt, the way you carry yourself will be what draws people in and will be the one thing they will walk away remembering.  I was raised by a bargain hunter and have adopted that same mentality. I like to find a deal in stores, but I like to do it quickly!  I absolutely love super-feminine shoes.  5” heels, sexy designs, and shoes that make a bold statement.  I usually make my shoes (a phenomenal pair of heels) the focal point of every outfit.

Any favorite local spots to shop?

My favorite spots to shop are places where you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

What are some style challenges that you face, and how do you deal with them? 

One of my greatest style challenges is finding clothes that fit my frame well.  Before I buy an article of clothing, I ask myself the following questions:

1. “Does this article of clothing do what it should? Does it fit me where it needs to and flatter my figure?”

2. “Is this something that is super-trendy and will go out of style, or is it a classic that can be worn long-term and be updated with accessories?”

3. “Does it compliment my skin tone and hair color?”

4. “Am I about to make this purchase for quality or quantity?”

5. “Do I love it? Can I live without it?”

In asking myself these questions, I avoid purchasing items that I will never wear or that are unflattering, and limit myself to only acquiring items that allow me to look my best, regardless of style or occasion.

How important is hair and make-up to your personal style?

The highlight of my morning routine is when I get to sit down and focus on my hair and makeup. I have always loved makeup, even as a child, and completely lavish in the process. I cut and color my own hair and thoroughly enjoy playing around with different styles. Scissors don’t scare me and I am constantly changing and altering my cut and style to suit whatever mood I am in. I love being creative, coming up with new and daring “looks”, and finding new ways to accentuate my best features while still maintaining a natural, yet put together appearance. I absolutely love the entire process, start to finish, of applying makeup and seeing transformations. I am very bold and open to new looks and styles when it comes to hair and makeup.

Which are the accessories that you never go without?

I’m not much for accessories, but two things I will never go without is earrings and lip gloss. Earrings and luscious lips complete a look, no matter what it is.

What is your must have for fall?

Cowboy boots. You can wear them with anything!

Animal print (especially reptile) is big for fall 2012—do or don’t?

DO…in moderation. I prefer animal print as an accessory – handbags, shoes, jewelry. When it comes to animal prints, less is definitely more. Let it make a subtle statement and make an outfit pop, DON’T pull a Snooki and let people confuse you for an escaped zoo animal.

Tell us about your business and how our readers can be in touch…

My business is pretty simple – the customer tells me what they want, and I do it. I have some pieces that are for sale, but most people prefer to have custom work. I specialize in portraiture, but am open to creating whatever a client wants. My website has quite an array of examples of previous work, is easy to navigate, and includes a page for pricing. I work very closely with clients to come up with an idea of what they want their final product to be, and will generally send progress photos of the piece in case any adjustments are needed. My first and foremost priority is creating a piece of art that that the client is happy with, and will go to any means to make sure that happens.

You can visit my website at https://sites.google.com/site/artbychristinalynn/ and can email me with any questions or requests at CLBRAN3@yahoo.com.



As a special incentive for all Bluegrass THREADS readers, Christie is graciously offering a discount on her custom work.  Just mention this coupon below!  Thanks, Christie!


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