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I believe that birthdays should be big—-and fun—-and colorful! Those were my intentions when creating a snack bar for guests to enjoy at my son’s recent 2nd birthday party. It is one of my firm party planning beliefs that guests should have something to eat immediately when they arrive.  It’s a great way to help guests mix and mingle and you don’t have to worry about antsy party goers who are desperately waiting for you to cut the cake!

Here’s what I served:

Popcorn and caramel corn in paper popcorn bags


Chex mix, scooped into snow cone cups for easy handling.  I loved the stickers that we used on the snow cone papers.  Adorable!


Bottled fruit punch in red and blue, with cute paper straws.  Everything is truly better with a paper straw, don’t you think?


To create the backdrop for my snack bar, I covered two pieces of foam core with an adorable circus animal themed wrapping paper. The colors were perfect for my son’s party! I strung some penant banners to match those on the front of the house with twine and attached them to the back of the board. I leaned the board up in the picture window in the kitchen and—voila!—a festive backdrop for the snacks. A white table cloth and colorful runner added the final touch.

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