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Do you ever get tired of using your same boring vases?  I know that I do!  If you are like me, you have a stack of vases from floral arrangements that were delivered.  We really racked them up when our son was born!  Even with all of those options, sometimes I struggle with finding something that isn’t too formal, but isn’t a down-home mason jar (both of which I use and love for the proper occasion).  There are times and decors that just need something special.  There are other times when you are making an arrangement to take to a friend and you don’t want to have to ask for the container back.

I found this cute container with a “5” on it for my fifth wedding anniversary, which we used to display the flowers that we featured in all of our photos for the day.  I simply placed a plastic drinking cup down inside this unique wooden box,filled it with water and voila—an instant update to my typical vase.  Plus, it was a cute container to display in my bookshelf once the flowers were gone.



Dig into your cupboards, your garage, stop by a local craft store or hit up a garage sale.  You’ll be amazed by the options!

Some of my other favorite “unusual vases” and affordable options:

  • shot glasses as bud vases
  • teapots.  This sweet arrangement was for a baby shower for my cousin.
  • ceramic pitchers
  • wine bottles
  • old fashioned parfait glasses.  i got an adorable set while garage sale-ing.
  • empty perfume bottles

The possibilities are truly endless.  Let your creativity shine!


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