getting organized in the new year

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to be organized and disciplined.  We have good intentions, but it isn’t always easy to stick to them.

Don’t be overwhelmed!  Here are some of our tips for getting it together in 2013:

  • Don’t skip breakfast.  Start your day out with one of my favorite treats, featured above.
  • Get your work desk or crafting space organized like this one.
  • Have a weekly meal plan and grocery shopping list.  We like slow cooker recipes like this healthy dish or delicious dessert.
  • Try one of these quick workouts to ease back into your exercise routine.
  • Scrub your house like a pro with these two-minute cleaning ideas.  Who can’t eek out two-minutes?
  • Establish a skin care routine to eliminate harsh winter skin.  This has amazing results.

What are your plans to get organized and disciplined in the new year?

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