bluegrass love birds: griffin + sarah wylie

Did you have a fun Valentine’s Day yesterday?  We hope so!

To keep the romantic mood going, we are excited to share another bluegrass love story with you.

Introducing the fabulous…

 Griffin and Sarah Wylie VanMeter

Years Together: Almost 5 years
Years Married: Over 3 years

Tell us a bit about yourselves…

We are both artists with professional lives that touch on our creativity. I’m an instructor of at UK in digital media (video, digital collage, and other things). He has a marketing firm called Bullhorn. We’re also both really good at adding programs and initiatives to our plates. Even though we keep ourselves busy, we keep each other in the loop by describing our days in detail while we cook dinner together.

How did you first meet? Was it “love at first sight” or were your “just friends”?

I feel like we had a couple first meetings. The very first time we met we didn’t introduce ourselves to each other. It was July 4th weekend, a parade Saturday, about 10 years ago. I was working in a gallery here in Lexington and I had made cookies because only a couple people would come in the gallery on parade days and I thought I would reward them. One of those people was this guy, who saunters in, sis in the chair across the desk from me and eats several cookies very quickly while chatting. Then he leaves. The next Saturday I hadn’t made any cookies but this same guy comes again, gets a few feet into the gallery and asks where the cookies are. “I don’t make them every Saturday”. He leaves. He’s not obnoxious, he’s funny and interesting, but not love at first sight.
The next time I really remember having a moment with him was maybe a year later outside a music venue, The Dame. I am laughing so hard at everything he says – so hard I can’t breathe. I feel like he must think I’m an idiot. I think he’s amazing, but I’m dating someone and I’m very loyal, so I wasn’t interested in him as someone to date.

Where did you go on your first date?

Our first official date was several years later, about 6 years ago. I was living in San Francisco, getting an MFA, and Griffin comes out to visit a friend. We had been talking (texting and chatting) before he came so I knew we were going to see each other. This would be the first time we would hang out together as two single people. As I was standing in line for the LCD Sound System show we were going to see, a limo shows up and Griffin is standing through the sunroof. He hops out and takes me to the front of the line and we go in. I was thinking… this guy really is amazing. We danced the whole night wearing rainbow masks. It was a fantastic evening.

Where did you share your first kiss?

The evening continued after the concert to Griffin’s hotel room. We talked and talked – I laughed and laughed. We kissed and it felt very sweet and old-fashioned.

When did you know that he/she was “the one”?

He came back out to San Francisco a year later. We had been communicating by mail for the past 6 months, but he left some details out of his correspondance. He was telling his friends that he was going to San Francisco to ‘get the woman he was going to marry’. That woman was me. I didn’t know about his plan. Even so, the first time I saw him during this visit I knew. He looked so familiar, like family. I knew instantly that we would be together for the rest of our lives.

Tell us about your engagement proposal…

The proposal happened on this second trip to San Francisco. Remember, we were not dating. But the first night he was there, he laid out his plan to me: that he would love me and encourage me, that he would be loyal to me and good to me. Somewhere in his wonderful proposal he asked if I would marry him. I said, okay.

When and where were you married?

We were married a year and a half later, on November 1, 2009, at the Cane Ridge Meeting House in Bourbon County. Bourbon County is the mid-point for our families, who live in Harrison, Clark, and Fayette Counties.

He Said/She Said…

My partner’s best quality is…

HE: her ability to make everything beautiful.

SHE: his optimism, which keeps me balanced.

The thing about my partner that drives me crazy is…

HE: her aversion to daylight colored lighting.

SHE: he wears his clothes for the day (even his belt!) until he goes to bed. (WHY?!)

My number one piece of advice about love is…

HE: just jump in and roll with it.

SHE: open communication is the single thing you both should strive to keep. The sooner you can express yourself, the more of a non-issue there will be.

Thanks, Griffin and Sarah Wylie!  Stay tuned for more bluegrass love stories this month.

To true love.


All images were provided by the contributing couple.

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