bluegrass lovebirds: daniel + jessica

I’m super excited to feature another wonderful bluegrass couple.  Their lovely wedding was so sweet to witness!


Daniel and Jessica Mohler
Years Together: It will be ten years in August
Years Married: 2 this past October



Tell us a bit about yourselves…
Family. Friends. Community.


How did you first meet?  Was it “love at first sight” or were your “just friends”?

We met at a mutual friend’s party the day after I moved back to Lexington from Washington DC.  He gave me some cheesy line and I really kind of blew him off.  Later that evening some girlfriends and I went to Lynagh’s Club (now Cosmic Charlies) to hear a local band called Roger Whites Electric Heat, circa 2003.  I walked in the doors and the band was jamming out to Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers.  I was named after their song Jessica, so the Brothers have always had a soft spot in my heart.  Anyway, I remember thinking this drummer is badass and when I went up front to get a better look I realized it was Daniel, the guy I met earlier at the party.  This time I did not blow him off. He definitely had my attention.

Where did you go on your first date?

We never really had a first date. After we first met our paths kept crossing.  We had an Anthropology class at UK together and even ended up serving at the same restaurant. It was strange, everywhere we went we would run into each other.  Eventually, we started walking to school together. He would come to my house in-between class and I would make him lunch.  It was non-stop laughter.  We just had so much fun together. Although there was certainly a mutual attraction it was a few months before we accepted it. Looking back, it is really kind of sweet how shy we both were. If I had to pick one particular day though it would probably be the Bush protest downtown, followed by LIT’s at McCarthy’s and dinner at High on Rose.

When did you share your first kiss?

He invited me over to his house to watch Heat Vision and Jack a pilot series with Jack Black.  At the time he was into Tenacious D.  At some point during the show he looked at me and said, “You’re really pretty,” and then we kissed. All the while Jack Black was screaming on a motorcycle in the background. It was so dreamy.


When did you know that he/she was “the one”?

When we kept trying to break up and it never worked. Daniel even moved to Austin for a while. No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t stay away from each other.  We met when we were 21, which in my opinion is pretty young to find the person you are going to be with the rest of your life.  In light of that, we kept trying to deny the inevitable. We talked in circles about experiencing more in life, moving away, dating other people, living on our own, blah, blah, blah…In the end we couldn’t do anything without the other and the whole concept of a mature, modern relationship went out the window.  We were both die hard romantics, and as it turns out more traditional then we thought or at least wanted to admit.


Tell us about your engagement proposal…

It was the first Monday in June 2009.  He had just gotten home from work and I was already knee-deep in our little garden out back picking spinach for supper that evening.  I was in umbros and a tank top. No bra (I could get away it with it back then:), cold beer in hand and a nice mixture of sweat and dirt caked all over me. He came up real matter of fact, the sun streaming behind him, and said, “Jessica Faye Fisher I’m going to ask you to marry me right now.”  I just laughed, brushed my hair aside and went back to playing in the dirt.  Extremely nervous, he cleared his throat and stood a little taller, a bit put off, and said, “I’m serious I’m going to ask you to marry me.”  Again, I laughed, and asked him to help me with supper.  It was then that he got down on his knee right in front of me (I was already on mine as I was gardening), and asked me again.  Our eyes locked and I started to cry realizing that he was being serious. I jolted
up and said, “Yes, yes, of course I’ll marry you.”  We stared at each other happily, oblivious to anything outside of our reach and then he said, “Oh, I forgot, I have a ring.” I should mention that it wasn’t just any ring.  It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. A one-of-a-kind designed by Daniel himself.  Little did I know that he had been paying for and working on the design with Puckett’s Jewelry store in Benton, KY (where his father lives), for over a year.  Well, he just handed me the box. Still in disbelief and laughing I shook my head and said, “You are supposed to put the ring on my finger.”  To which he replied, “I don’t know, I have never done this before.”  And, thankfully, he’ll never have to again.


When and where were you married?

October 16, 2010. It was the most beautiful fall day at Gratz Park in downtown Lexington. Everything was draped in a golden hue. The way the light was shining and dancing around us and all the people we love was pure magic.


He Said/She Said…


My partner’s best quality is…
He said:  her caring and selfless nature.  She will put everyone else before herself.  That is why so many people trust her completely.
She said: His sense of humor.  No matter what he can always make me laugh. And not any old laugh, but the kind of laughter that makes your belly hurt and your face numb…the kind of laughter that fills your whole self with joy.  The musician thing is pretty hot, too.


The thing about my partner that drives me crazy is…
He said: she moves my things around the house and puts them where “she” thinks they should go.
She said: When he forgets to tell me about band(s) practice; however, if he ever quit playing music I would break up with him.


My number one piece of advice about love is…
He said: always try to put your partner before yourself.  If both try to do this, everyone wins.
She said: Honesty. Don’t ever let something that bothers you fester. Tell each other right away and give your partner the chance to make it right. And, remember he cannot read your mind, even after all these years.



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More stories coming!  Oh how I adore love stories…


To true love.
All images were provided by the featured couple.

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