bluegrass lovebirds: phil + elizabeth

I’m so excited to share our final bluegrass lovebirds story for 2013.  Thank you to all of the wonderful reader feedback over the last several weeks.  It was a true honor to be able to share these stories with you, with special thanks to the brave couples who contributed.

I have to say of our featured couple, I feel a total kinship with Elizabeth because of her amazing party planning skills (you know I love a good party)!  If you haven’t checked out Lovely Little Parties, you definitely should—her sweet blog is so fun to read.  Plus, we share a love of all things Melanie Mauer (who also photographed my wedding and theirs)!


Phil and Elizabeth Kring
Years Together: 7
Years Married: 6 months


Tell us a bit about yourselves…

Our favorite place to be is home. We are opposites in so many ways, but our strengths/weaknesses compliment one another and really make it work. We enjoy working on our house to make it a “home”. I usually dream up the projects, and he implements them and does a very good job. Our daughter is the light of our life and keeps us continously laughing. We’re expecting another girl this July and are so excited for our family to grow!

How did you first meet? Was it “love at first sight” or were your “just friends”?

We met at Kelly’s Fruit Market and were just friends

Where did you go on your first date?

I don’t know if we actually ever had an official first date. We would hang out, grab a bite to eat, watch movies, cook dinner together, listen to local bands… all lead to the conclusion of “I guess we’re dating?”

Where did you share your first kiss?

Hmmm…….probably after I saw him play drums (he was in a band at the time). There’s something about a musician, I guess. haha

When did you know that he/she was “the one”?

When I realized he loved me exactly the way I was. I never have to try to be someone else, just me! We truly are best friends.

Tell us about your engagement proposal… 

It was more of a mutual decision we both made. We had talked about getting married before but it wasn’t a topic we discussed a lot. One day, when the subject came up we both agreed if we’re going to do this, let’s go for it…..the timing just felt right. Two months later we were tying the knot!

When and where were you married? 

We were married in downtown Lexington by the Justice of the Peace. My grandmother was our witness and Ella, our 5 yr. old daughter, was our guest. It was very intimate and absolutely perfect in every way imaginable. Afterward, we met our parents and closest friends for dinner at Table 310.


 image by Melanie Mauer

He Said/She Said…

My partner’s best quality is…

Phil – her attention to detail.
Elizabeth – It’s so hard to say just one…..he is completed devoted to our family and spoils me and our daughter – he cooks 95% of our meals, which is a huge help especially since I’m not a great cook. He does things to make my life easier such as making me breakfast every morning, packing a lunch for me, starting my car. Yep, I’m pretty lucky.

The thing about my partner that drives me crazy is…

Phil – her attention to detail also drives me crazy at times…..and the fact that she always steals my drinks instead of fixing her own.

Elizabeth – it sounds so petty, but the way he folds clothes, especially shirts. I worked in retail during college so I have a certain way I like things folded. I know, I know….I shouldn’t say anything since at least he does do this. I’m not a fan of the cigar habit either.

My number one piece of advice about love is…

Phil – be as patient and attentive with one another as possible. It helps keep the peace :).

Elizabeth – always make each other a priority. Designate time together, just the two of you, otherwise I think your lives become separate and you tend to grow apart.

Thank you to Phil and Elizabeth for sharing your sweet story with us.  It has truly been a pleasure to read all of these amazing bluegrass love stories over the past several weeks.  Ian and Emily, Rives and Myra, Griffin and Sarah Wylie, Daniel and Jessica, Grant and Charlene, Phil and Elizabeth, your stories inspire us all.  We wish each of you many more years of happiness and love.

To true love.


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  1. I’m Phillip’s mom and I can say everything in this is so true of them together. It is so wonderful to see how happy they both are. I’m so thankful for Elizabeth making my son so very happy. Love them both.

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