diy: carnation sphere centerpiece {guest post by Alice Greene}

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As you know, I love to entertain but I also love to have fresh flowers in my own home on a fairly frequent basis. This can get expensive very quickly so I thought I would share one of my favorite ways to use a relatively inexpensive flower – the miniature carnation.

For this project you will need:

  • a container – my favorite is a julep cup or a candlestick
  • a floral oasis foam sphere.  Be sure your oasis and the container are compatible in size.
  • lots of carnations. I prefer to use only one color for a monochromatic impact and I usually need about 4 dozen miniature carnations depending on the size of the floral ball.

Step by Step:

First, I soak the floral oasis ball in water for about 30 minutes. I drain it on paper towels.  Then I set it on top of the candlestick or julep cup. Press down slightly so it won’t roll off or you can attach it with some floral tape. During this time you can begin cutting your carnations leaving about a half-inch of stem to stick into the oasis. I usually begin in the center of the ball and make sort of a “mohawk” and then fill in on either side until it is nice and full.

I have tried it several ways with the mini-carnations being very tightly spaced and more far apart and both times it looked lovely when complete. In fact, some of my guests have even commented that they weren’t sure the type flower until they were able to do a closer inspection.  These centerpieces have lasted a couple of weeks after the event so I would not hesitate to prepare them a little in advance for your event (3-4 days). That way you have less to do on the actual day of the gathering. I have actually used the same flowers for two different events and just changed the ribbon that had been tied around the julep cup.

Become a fan of the carnation!


Alice is a native Lexingtonian and quintessential southern lady, who enjoys cooking, baking and entertaining. 


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