gluten-free anniversary

In honor of one year of being gluten-free (I have a gluten allergy, not Celiac), I am sharing some of my favorite gluten-free recipes and tips:

crockBGTimage by dthoskins

  • This delicious breakfast recipe is sure to please a crowd—gluten-free or not!
  • My freezer always has these.  They are great with some peanut butter for a quick “out-the-door” breakfast or snack.
  • This is a great cheat sheet for your purse for grocery shopping.
  • A yummy green smoothie is an excellent start to the day.
  • Gluten can hide in many things.  This is a great resource for hidden gluten sources.
  • Get glutened?  I always have this on hand.
  • I am loving this new bluegrass gem for gluten free baked goods and delicious bread.  Go on Monday for the almond scones-delish!


What are your favorite gluten-free tips or tricks?

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