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I’ve shared before that one of my favorite ways to entertain is at brunch.  The time of day allows for a leisurely morning (no one needs to be up at 5 am prepping) and you have the rest of the day to enjoy when your guests head home by 2 pm.  A couple of weekends ago, us bluegrass gals decided to get together with our husbands and kiddos for brunch.  While both Diana and I love to cook, we wanted the day to be easy on both sides (we each have one boy: age three and nearly one).  We wanted to spend more time  enjoying our day than working in the kitchen.

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 While there are many no-cook brunch items, this is my favorite:

  • Fruit and yogurt parfaits (this time I used raspberries and Udi’s gluten free original granola and included a bowl of extra raspberries on the table)
  • Good, store-bought muffins (I like the Udi’s blueberry ones—they are gluten free and can be defrosted overnight)
  • Butter and jam that can be added to the muffins
  • Ruby red grapefruits cut in half (one half per person)
  • Coffee, tea and orange juice

brunchimage by KGreeneOwens

This was so good and so easy.  Don’t overcomplicate having company!  I set the table the night before and was ready to go mid-morning when my guests arrived.

What are your favorite brunch items?

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