bluegrass lovebirds: vickie + dan

I’m so excited to introduce this next sweet couple in the bluegrass lovebirds series!  They have such a nice family and we have been lucky enough to share so many momentous occasions with them.  This couple was nominated by their sweet friend, Alice.



Years Together: 31

Met Jan. 28, 1984, Got engaged May 18th , 1984, and married Oct. 27th 1984.

Dan and Vickie just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this past October.


 Tell us a bit about yourself…

Dan: I am a third generation Lexingtonian, a father of 3 adult children (2 girls and 1 boy), grandfather of 1 (boy), mechanical engineer and partner at Staggs and Fisher Engineers.  I love the outdoors.  Favorite hobbies are UK basketball, tinkering, and fishing.

Vickie:  Originally from Cincinnati, I graduated from UC with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, worked for a large corporation, and was eventually transferred to Lexington. I have had the privilege of staying home to raise our three children.  I LOVE the creative arts, and also love nature.  I consider myself a “professional dabbler”, because I am interested in so many things, and am always trying/learning something new.


How did you first meet?

Dan’s brother was a business associate of Vickie’s, and he fixed us up on a blind date.

Was it “love at first sight” or were you “just friends”?

Dan: first sight and it grew. I was old enough to know what I did and didn’t want, and had a check list. Vickie had checks in almost every box.

Vickie:  I called my sister around 7:30 am the morning after our first date and told her I thought I had just met the man I was going to marry.

 Where did you go on your first date?

Dan: We went to T.W. Lee’s and I paid for dinner with a gift certificate (Vickie was impressed that I wasn’t trying to impress her). We then went dancing at the Fire Place in Chevy Chase, where The Trendells performed all our favorite Motown hits.

Vickie:  Dan told me dress would be “casual”.  I wore a preppy little outfit including a sweater, chinos, and penny loafers.  When I opened the door to let him in, there stood this tall, dark and handsome cowboy in a flannel shirt, faded jeans, and cowboy boots.  By the time you take into account my flat loafers and his boots, he towered over me by more than a foot.  He was soft spoken and a little shy, but I got a pretty good glimpse into who this man really was when we stopped by his house after dinner (his contacts were giving him trouble so he wanted to change them before going dancing).  We pulled into his driveway and the garage door automatically went up (keep in mind this was the early eighties!!!).  As we pulled in, a green light lit up, and once we reached a certain position, a red light came on to indicate we had driven in far enough (my goodness, was I dating Batman???)  This was only the beginning.  Once he gave me the tour of his home, it was wildly apparent that this cowboy was actually a mad scientist in disguise; a genuine super-geek.  I was completely smitten with his creative mind, and still am to this day.

Where did you share your first kiss?

After our second date at Vickie’s apartment.  The answer is yes (it was a very good first kiss).

When did you know that he/she was “the one”? 

Dan: I told her on our 3rd date. Vickie:  I had a strong sense immediately, but waited a while to tell him.  Once we started dating we were pretty much inseparable, and spent most of our time talking and getting to know each other really well. Beyond the obvious “chemistry”, we learned that we shared the same values, goals and faith.  We knew early on that we were very well suited for one another.

Tell us about your engagement proposal…

Dan: She had told me that she wanted to lose 10 lbs. I wanted to give her some incentive so I told her I would not give her the engagement ring until she lost 10 lbs. We were going to an engagement party that my parents were hosting and she still had not lost the weight. I didn’t want to start our marriage out with a lie, and she wanted to wear the ring to the party. I handed her $12.31 and told her I was thinking of a number between 1-5 and for her to pick one. She picked 3.  I told her the number was 2, therefore she lost, and had to give me back the money. Once she handed it back, I told her she had just lost 10 English pounds.  I then got down on one knee and made it official.


When and where were you married?

Dan comes from a small family, but Vickie has a huge family and extended family, most of whom live in Cincinnati, so we got married at Vickie’s home church in Cincinnati on October 27th 1984. There were more than 200 guests in attendance at the evening ceremony.  The reception that followed included a big dinner, a scrumptious multi-tiered wedding cake with a working fountain in it (Vickie’s favorite), a live band, and lots of dancing and celebrating.  Afterward, we were taken by limousine to the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Cincinnati, where we stayed in the presidential suite.  The next morning we headed off for a one week cruise in the Caribbean, which was fabulous.

 He Said/She Said 

My partner’s best quality is…

Dan: Her vibrant personality. I am a little dry and we balance well.

Vickie:  I always tell him he has many wonderful qualities, but my favorite is that he loves me well.

 The thing about my partner that drives me crazy is…

Dan: She flicks her fingernails and I have very sensitive ears.

Vickie:  He tends to hyper-focus on things, particularly being on time.  If he’s not 15 minutes early, he thinks he’s late, which sends him into a tailspin.

 My number one piece of advice about love is…

Dan: Talk about everything all the time (good and bad). This keeps the pressure off and keeps fights to a minimum.

Vickie:  Appreciate and celebrate your differences.  After all, if your mate were just like you, one of you wouldn’t be necessary.  My favorite scripture is 1 Corinthians 13, referred to as the “Love” chapter.  It was read at our wedding, and is every bit as relevant today.  It sums up beautifully exactly what love is, and what we should strive for in our marriage.  After 30 years, so far so good!



Thanks, Dan and Vickie!  We appreciate you sharing your story!


If you haven’t caught up on the bluegrass lovebirds series, check out Sabrina and Joe, as well as series 1 and 2.  More stories will be coming your way this month!


To true love.




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