mother’s day recap

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and hope that you did too.  Here are some of the highlights:


  • Sleeping in!  I got to sleep in on Sunday morning and only got up to have breakfast in bed.  I also got to enjoy cleaning out my DVR.  Big thank you to my sweet husband for letting me be a bum and watch way too much Real Housewives of Melbourne.
  • Lots and lots of sweet cards and hugs from my 4-year old.  I truly think I will never get over his precious “Happy Mother’s Day” wishes.  I am so lucky to be Gabriel’s mom.


  • Eating way too many gluten free yogurt covered pretzels.  Those things are seriously addicting!
  • A delicious and festive dinner with my mom.  More on our delicious eats and grapefruit cocktail in a future post.  I love any chance I get to spend with my mom and last night was particularly fun with the family.


  • Our first grill out of the season.  So good and fun to be outside on our deck.  Pineapple and raspberries with honey vanilla yogurt is one my favorites!


How did you spend your Mother’s Day weekend?

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