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Since I adore the holiday season, the fact that Christmas is over can send my mood plummeting.  Gray days seem to loom ahead during January and February, so it is very necessary for my to actively work against the gloom.  These are a few of the ways that I try to beat my January blues:

  • Bath time meditation and aromatherapy.  Nothing is better than warming up in the bathtub.  Water does wonders for your mood.
  • Sad that Christmas is over?  Start Christmas shopping for next year.  This is when I get the best deals!  Box up your finds and pull them out at the end of the year for a more stress-free December.
  • Wearing cozy clothes that I love.  Embrace the weather by wearing fun hats and gloves.
  • Extra indulgent skin care to stop dry winter cracks.  Love this amazing skin care routines.
  • Get organized and simplify my home for a clear and focused mind.  Even taking down my Christmas decorations, declutters my house!
  • Set the table every night for dinner (bonus for candles on the table) and prepare something yummy (I love this right now!)
  • Fresh flowers.  This is my favorite easy pick-me-up.  I have a vase on the kitchen and dining room tables, as well as a small vase on all of the bathroom vanities.
  • Get moving!  Exercise is key to my mood.  During this time of year, I like to walk outside anytime the weather allows.  If it’s bitterly cold or wet, I hit our basement treadmill.  There are so many ways to exercise at home.
  • Enjoy a dessert.  Even if you made a New Year’s resolution, this cake is very legal.

Do you love this time of year?  Hate it?  What are your tips and tricks for boosting your mood?

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