taste of spring

BGT flower box

These mild and sunny bluegrass days are giving me a taste of spring.  Here are a few of my favorite spring things:

  • Wearing cute shoes without socks. Some days are even flip-flop worthy!
  • Filling the house with flowers in all of the pastel colors
  • Prepping for Easter gatherings and traditions
  • Pulling out my Easter decorations with my son.  Why is everything so cute in the spring?
  • Decorating Easter eggs with silk ties.  These are truly amazing and fool-proof!
  • Getting out my white jeans and other bright hues
  • Sprucing up the house to get rid of the winter blahs
  • Coming out of hibernation and getting back outside to the grill
  • Enjoying the sunny days by working out outdoors

What are your favorite spring things?

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