Chew(ing) and Haiku(ing)

Do you love to eat out?  Do you love to write Haiku poetry?  Why not combine the two?!?!?  Diana, inspired after visiting Sugano Japanese Restaurant in Lexington, decided to write a haiku about her experience there:



Hidden treasure found

Cool springtime, rice transcendent

I am transported


Sugano Japanese Restaurant
1533 Eastland Pkwy # 7
Lexington, KY 40505-2928
Tel. (859) 294-4464


We hope you will haiku too!  Here’s how:

1.  Pick your favorite local restaurant

2.  Write a haiku about it.  The rules are that the whole poem must equal seventeen syllables.  While there are several formats, I think that the simplest format for English speakers is the 5-7-5.   Andrew from Lexington has already submitted a haiku that will surely be renowned for it’s exemplary use of the 5-7-5.  Read on:

Chug margaritas

Server has asbestos hands

Mexican football.

-Andrew Owens
Lexington, Kentucky
1030 S Broadway # 1050, Lexington, Tel. (859) 281-5171
295 West New Circle Road, Lexington, Tel. (859) 299-8299

Thanks Andrew!

3.  Submit your poem to and we’ll post our favorites!

Check back soon for our first submissions!

-Diana & Katherine

balloon glow

This Friday (April 15th, 2011)  head down to UK’s Commonwealth Stadium and E.S. Goodbarn Field for Balloon Glow 2011. My husband and I happened upon this event last year and we loved it!  The event begins at 7:00pm and is free to enter.  Reasonably priced refreshments make it a great family outing.


*UPDATE*  Unfortunately,  Balloon Glow has been cancelled due to stormy weather.  🙁


My personal favorite cupcakes.  Babycakes!  They are absolutely delicious!

This awesome local spot was recently featured as a top 5 cupcake of the south in Southern Living Magazine. My favorite flavors include: Creme Brulee, Butter pecan, lemon and bourbon.  Insider tip: Call ahead and the owners will happily save you specific cupcake flavors from their daily menu to pick up later.  Popular flavors like vanilla go quickly!

Babycakes Cupcakes

153 Patchen Drive, Suite 57B

Lexington, KY



naan such

{photo courtesy of}


I recently dined for the first time at the Bombay Bar and Grill on the corner of Limestone and High Street.  It was great! Delicious Indian cuisine, super hot and fresh Naan, friendly proprietors—what more can you ask for?  If you’re a fan of Indian food give it a try!

Bombay Bar and Grill

102 West High Street

Lexington, KY 40507

Open 5-10pm daily.

Free parking on High Street in the lot directly across from the restaurant (on the corner of High and Limestone).


windy corners market


From the time that I entered Windy Corner’s porch, I was completely charmed.  My parents and I decided to take the baby for a drive on Saturday and ended up stopping for a bite at Windy Corners Market, Ouita Michel’s (of Holly Hill Inn and Wallace Station) latest creation.  Since it was such a beautiful day outside, I was incredibly taken with the views of the horse farms across the street from the restaurant.  We all sat at the table oriented so that we could see outside and enjoy a look at the beautiful bluegrass.  Of course, the restaurant itself is adorable, too—complete with beadboard and hardwood floors.  (LOVE!)

The charming atmosphere of the place and the cute Kentucky-made products on sale are reason enough to visit Windy Corner, but the food certainly did not disappoint.  Our table enjoyed a cheeseburger, Mabel’s nut burger and a fried shrimp basket.  It was so hard to choose what to order, so a return visit is definitely in the near future.  We were so tempted by the extensive Po’ Boy menu and all said that we would like to try one of those next time.  Everything sounded delicious! All dishes on the menu showcase local fare and produce (local beef, Weisenberger cornmeal, etc.), so it is certainly a restaurant that you can be proud to patronize.

Table space is limited, so plan to have someone in your party scope out a place to sit before you order.  Hope to see you there—save me a seat!

Windy Corners Market

4595 Bryan Station Road

Lexington, KY 40516


Chef Ouita Michel

No reservations required.  Dress casual.