valentine’s revistited

It’s February and that means one thing—one of the most fun holidays is right around the corner.  These are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day things:

  • Adore these chocolate madeleines, perfect for sharing with your sweetie.
  • Pink and red are a striking color duo that can be worn with sophistication this season.  Try it with an elegant up-do, so your duds don’t look juvenile.
  • These slow-cooker sweet treat is perfect for an easy, make after dinner dessert.
  • If lace and pink are your thing, we love this look for a romantic night out.
  • This sweet flower arrangement can perk up any valentine’s day table.
  • Don’t know what to get your guy, try these suggestions for the perfect gift.
  • Try some red lipstick to plump up your pout and add some festive flair s.w.a.k.


What are your favorite things about Valentine’s Day?


and the winner is….


Erica Goins Bethel!

Unfortunately, Erica’s was one of our comments that did not make it into the traditional comment box, but here is what she said:

To say I am obsessed with my nail color would be an understatement! I have gotten the same color on my nails since I was in high school (15yrs). OPI’s Pompei Purple-which is actually a bright pink is what I get!

Congratulations Erica, and we hope you love your manicure as much as we do!

great manicure: {Cindy’s Nails}

Pictured above: my SNS nails in Ne M’oubliez Pas

Want a beautiful, long-lasting manicure that doesn’t damage your natural nails?  Try Signature Nail System (SNS) Healthy Natural Nails.  SNS nails are done with a powder and buffed to an amazing shine that lasts longer than gels.  The system uses no UV light and takes minutes to dry.  I love mine so far!

Here are the benefits as listed by the manufacturer with my personal comments attached:

  • Odor free – Yes. There was no noticeable odor.
  • Prevents Damage to the Nail – Yes.  Nails are not damaged upon removal like with a Gel manicure.
  • Strength – Super strong!  I was removing staples with my fingers and have had no chips so far–very impressive!
  • Breathable – Um…yes?  There has not been one cough or wheeze from my nails so far…
  • Flexible –  Yes, these are not stiff or rigid that acrylics can be.
  • Natural Feel – Yes.  I have found the thickness much more manageable and natural looking than with Gels.
  • Durable Glossy Finish – Yes!  A strong mirror shine.

I’ve also found that even though my nails grow really fast, my manicure still looks great after a week (my gels lasted no more than 5 days).  I think this is a result of both SNS Healthy nails as a product and also the expertise of the girls at Cindy’s Nails.  They were able to buff the polish so that the thickness tapered down towards the cuticle so that when the nail grows there is less chance of peeling.  Great job girls–and Andy!

Pictured above: Alice’s SNS French Manicure

Would YOU like to try SNS Healthy Natural Nails?  Cindy’s Nails has been gracious enough to give away a free SNS manicure to one of our lucky readers!

Enter to win by liking us on Facebook and telling us about your favorite nail color for fall in the comment box below.  If you already like us, thank you!–you can still enter to win by simply commenting.  We will be accepting comments/entries until 9 pm on Sunday, September 9th.  The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday September 10th!

Cindy’s Nails is owned by Hanh and Andy Pham and is located on Harrodsburg Road in the South Elkhorn Village shopping center behind Ramsey’s Diner and the Coffee Pub (both also bluegrass THREADS favorites!–see LOCAL FOOD in the right sidebar).

Good Luck!

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I recently read that putting your hair up as soon as you get home can protect it from damage (like when your head is lolling around on the couch during the 11 o’clock news).

So, I started doing it about 2 months ago, and guess what?

My hair is smoother, maybe(?) a little thicker, and it’s definitely grown longer.  I think just that little extra protection from breakage made all the difference!

Who knew?

summertime beauty regimen

We all have our own beauty tricks and regimens that we swear by.  Here are some of mine during the summer months:


Source: via Carol on Pinterest


1.  Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!  During the summer months, we all dare to bare lots of skin and it is important to keep it smooth and fresh.  My favorite products for exfoliation are made by LUSH.  I am completely crazy for their Sugar Babe body scrub and their bubblegum scented lip scrub.  It smells amazing!


2.  Slather on the moisturizer.  My go-to product for face and body is Cetaphil, which can be purchased at most grocery or drug stores.  The lotion is unscented, so it doesn’t compete with your favorite perfume, and its non-greasy texture means you can apply it liberally and quickly.


3.  Get or do your own pedicure at least once a month.  Summer is the season of sandals and taking the time to get/do a quality pedicure will allow your feet to shine.  Most pedicures where a top coat is applied will last for 3-4 weeks.


4.  Put on your deodorant/anti-perspirant at bedtime.  This will help you to avoid feeling sweaty on a hot summer night!  You’ll be amazed at how fresh you feel in the morning—even without a morning shower.


5.  A little bronzer goes a long way.  Summer tans are what many of us want to achieve.  Even if you are fair skinned (like me) and want to avoid the sun (like me) you can cheat the look by getting a fake tan.  If I really want a nice summer glow, I get an airbrush tan.  I think that airbrushed tans tend to look more natural because they apply the tanner more generously on areas that actually would receive more sun.  Miles Salon and Spa does an excellent job of airbrushing!

Another great way to cheat the bronzed look is by using bronzer strategically.  Remember that a very little bronzer goes a LONG way.  This is a great video that shows you step by step how to apply bronzer.

6.  Fight your frizz.  You can check out my hearty endorsement of Moroccan Oil here.

7.  Combat shine with blotting sheets.  These ingenuous sheets soak up any excess oil on your face without smudging any makeup.  I carry some in my purse during the summer months.  These from Sephora also have a lovely lavender scent.


So, I’ve shared a few of my summer beauty “musts”—what are some of yours?

rosebud salve

If I had to pick a single must-have beauty item, it would definitely be Smith’s Rosebud Salve!  This all-in-one product is perfect for wintry skin and chapped lips.  Here are some of Rosebud Salves many uses:

  • relief of chapped and dry skin—perfect for knees and elbows
  • blemishes—dab some on at night and watch them disappear
  • soothing treatment of burns
  • lip moisturizer and lip glass (it is a pretty light pink tint)
  • even diaper rash!

image via

The old fashioned tin and the salves delightful rosey scent are complete bonuses—You’ll be hooked on your oh-so-smooth skin and lips!