5 years

Bluegrass THREADS is thrilled to be celebrating 5 years!  Five years feels momentous—we’ve made it!

This blog has been a source of personal inspiration and growth during the first five years of my son’s life, the loss of my father, job transitions, big moves and many of the other changes (good and bad) over this half decade.

centerpieceimage by Desarae Anderson Photography

To celebrate and commemorate this milestone, I want to highlight these top 5s—the most read and shared stories of the past 5 years:

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father’s day recap

I hope that your family enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! Ours was packed with gatherings to celebrate all the dads and granddads (and great-granddads) in our life.  Here’s a few snapshots of our weekend:


Is there anything cuter than a child’s handmade card?  Gabriel made this sweet one for his Granddad.


We also got to visit with Gabriel’s Great-Granddad.  So sweet!  This 89 year old and 4 year old are buddies.


Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without celebrating Gabriel’s Dad.  I could go on and on about what an amazing father he is to our son!

What did you do this weekend?

katherine Greene

father’s day

Because it’s Father’s Day, I thought I’d share some of my favorite father and son moments from the past four and a half years.


Being the youngest in your own family, you had never held a baby before.  You took right to it.

FathersDay5image by Honey Heart Photography

You two have been pals from the start.


Always up for an adventure…


Somewhere new to explore…

FathersDay10image by Desarae Anderson Photography

Your little buddy…


Who you are always teaching new things…


And showering with love…


And hugs.


Happy Father’s Day, Andrew!  Gabriel and I think you are the best!


katherine Greene





four years

Today is the four year anniversary of my father’s death.  Unlike birthdays or wedding anniversaries, this anniversary is not fun to celebrate–I am not planning a big party with cute little details.  Instead, I am cacooned at home waiting for the next few days to pass. Friday is also his birthday, so this little stretch of May can be rough.

dad4image by Melanie Mauer

For those who know me well, you know that I am my father’s daughter.  We were incredibly close and I saw him or talked to him almost every day.

His death is not something that I’ve shared before on bluegrass threads, despite his passing just 6 weeks after the site’s launch.  This was a project that he was very proud of and one that helped to carry me through some dark days by focusing on the beauty of the world and the home that I love.

As a way to reflect on the positives today, I thought I’d share some of the best things about my dad, a man who shaped my life in every way.

dad6image by Melanie Mauer

He had the greatest smile.

Anyone that knew Dad will tell you about his friendly face.  He was often overly chatty and friendly (to my embarrassment) with strangers, but that smile of his was just the best.

He was incredibly generous and giving.

Dad regularly bought all of the homeless downtown Starbucks coffee (his favorite).  He volunteered and worked behind the scenes at every church and every non-profit organization that my mother worked for and he never expected anything in return.  He made many personal sacrifices for my brother and I to have dance and music lessons without complaint.


He could make the best sound effects.

Actually, he only had one sound effect and he used it for everything.  Tap dancing?  Check.  Grinding a pepper mill?  Check.  Horses running?  Check.  No one else  could make “the sound” in our family—-that was until my son started doing it at 2 years old.  We all love to hear Gabriel make that infamous sound.

Dad loved to laugh and he loved to tell stories.  Somehow this one sound effect always made an appearance.


He told me that I could do anything.

You go, girl.  You can do it.  Go get ’em, Kak.  I am so lucky that he encouraged me in all things.


He loved my mother deeply.

I have an amazing model for relationships.  My parents were high school sweethearts and best friends.  After more than 30 years together, they still stared at each other across a crowded room.  They still went on dates.  They were so inspiring to watch.

He was always up for something fun and spontaneous.

Dad was always game to get dessert (and eat it first, of course), go to a movie, go on a weekend getaway, make a pitstop at a candy store, play a round of golf, drive an hour to get a LaRosa’s pizza or go to see a concert.  His spontaneity and impulsiveness made him fun.


I know that I could go on and on about my Dad.  He was simply the best and I miss him so much.

katherine Greene