halloween recap

Hope you and your family enjoyed a fun Halloween weekend!

My family reveled in the crisp, fall air and sweet time with family and friends.  My little guy was an astronaut for the second year in a row, which I find totally adorable.  I am space-OBSESSED and possess a freakish knowledge of early space program trivia, so I really do get such a kick out of his costume selections.

halloween space

Here we are this year, quite the costumed-trio:


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happy halloween!

Halloween is such a great holiday for so many reasons.  There are the obvious perks like mountains of candy, or getting to wear a costume without anybody staring at you like you’re nuts.  But the main reason that I think that Halloween is so beloved is because it’s an opportunity to shed inhibitions and express one’s own creativity.

So many ways!  Clever costumes, make-up, decorating, cooking, art and sculpture.  The imagination is limitless and that fact is easily seen on Halloween.

With those thoughts in mind, I wanted to share the art of Ray Villafane, the man that Martha Stewart called “the Michelangelo of pumpkin carving”. His carvings and the way he creates them are astonishing, starting with a whole pumpkin (he uses other mediums as well) and transforming it into something so real that you can almost see it pulsating with life.

The video below is a short biography on the life and art of Ray Villafane from CBS News, which highlights the obsession that so often goes with genius:

Happy Halloween!


pumpkin potato head

Have you seen these adorable pumpkin push-in kits in stores this year?

image by dthoskins

My two-year-old had a blast making this pirate.  It’s like Mr. Potato Head, but so much better.  Some adult supervision and assistance was required, but there was no mess to clean-up!  Perfect for a last minute Halloween Jack-0-Lantern.

Happy Halloween!